I shall wear midnight – Terry Pratchett

Whenever I'm asked about Terry Pratchett's books I answer – You've got to either love it or misunderstand it. In any case I suggest reading the Discworld novels in their chronological order. That's the best way to observe how Pratchett developed and actually mastered his craft into what it is now.

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The problem with understanding Pratchett's books is that after the first one or two novels readers tend to think they've met with another humoresque on fantasy. To be honest it's hard to disagree... in the beginning. It takes a little more time and attention to notice all the comments and observations hidden in between the lines. With every book Pratchett's creation became more and more critical to the real society and institutions.

I shall wear Midnight is no different. It is a fourth part of what some call „children's Discworld” the part of the series that deals with a teenage Witch called Tiffany Aching. Everyone living on the Disc knows that Withces should be treated seriously considering possible consequences of not doing so. Witches of the Disc know that most of it lies in headology and the right circumstances. In that aspect Pratchett is the ultimate Witch creating the Circumstances. And that is a significant Capital „C” for they are a separate Dramatis personæ of his novels.
This time it's time for Tiffany to present us with a daily routines of a Witch. It's never too easy. As we know she is a Main Character and, as such, she's doomed to deal with a faith overcoming her capabilities. And so Miss Aching sees and does things that no ordinary sixteen-year-old should see or do. But then again... she has no other choice.
It doesn't take long to notice, that there's something in the air and this time it's not the broomstick.

Revealing a secret (but only a little part of it) – there is always some envy involved. Maybe it isn't too strong but it found some firm grounds to develop. And there' the fire too. The Fire is a threat not only to Tiffany, but to every Witch on Disc. As it was proved by Gentlemen from Monty Python Witches do burn easily.

This time it's the fire that dwells in all of us and waits to outburst when confronted with an original, a difference... a freak... Allit needs is a group of people unwilling to control it and a spark of a reason to turn into a disaster. Luckily for Witches, and for all of us there's always someone with a mind of his own in the crowd.

It may sound a little too serious to be Pratchett-like – but having a book in hand you will not mind that at all. The book brings handfuls of laugh topped with something to think of. So if You do mind being stared at... - don't read on a bus.

Kamil Świątkowski

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